11 Gift Ideas For Surfers

1  AirDog Extreme Sports Follow Drone ($1299 On Amazon)

Fully Autonomous Drone with surf specific flight mode. The surfing flight mode including features like delayed takeoff (you don’t want to film yourself padding to the break) and more.

2 Neoprene Seat Cover($34.90 SeaJoya)

Any surfer will be happy to get high quality neoprene seat cover to protect the front car seats.

3 Wetsuit Changing Mat ($24.95 On Amazon)

Waterproof changing mat – Perfect for changing out a wetsuit. Protects Wetsuit From Sand and Dirt and keeps car clean.

4 GoPro HERO5 ($399 On Amazon)

The most advanced surf camera in the world. It doesn’t need a special housing – it is natively waterproof – and shoots 4K video.

5 Surf Poncho ($34.95 On Amazon)

Great solution that give privacy while changing in public before and after great surfing session. in addition its warm and protect against wind when changing in and out the wetsuit.

6 Cool T-shirt with surf slogan ($26 SeaJoya)

Any surfer will be happy to get high quality T-shirt with cool surf slogan.

7 Northcore Keypod 5GS ($39.66 On Amazon)

Portable key safe great solution for securing your car keys when you are in the water.

8 Rinse Hanger ($24.99 On Amazon)

Wetsuit hanger with rinse capability for fast fast drying and air circulation.

9 Otentik Beach SunShade ($95 – $145 On Amazon)

Light and easy to use Beach SunShade work great even in really windy conditions.

10 Rinsekit ($99.95 On Amazon)

Cool portable shower to use after a great surf session
Whether it’s winter or summer, a warm or cold shower is something a surfer adores after a session. This portable pressurised shower is one of the finest inventions ever.

11 Rash Guard ($15 – $50 On Amazon)

It’s something that any surfer need for sun protection, to protect against getting rubbed from the surf board and even under wetsuit.

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