Neoprene Seat Cover

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The SeaJoya neoprene seat cover, the ultimate protection for your car seats. Perfectly designed to protect the front car seats against any moisture, water and liquid spills. It is the “must have” gadget to all water sport junkies.  Surfers, Jet skiers, scuba divers, Paddle boarders and more.

This car seat will keep your seats dry. GUARANTEED.

 Free Shipping In US!!! 

  • We ship for FREE in the continental united states!
  • Nice snug fit on most front car seats!
  • Super easy installation (no straps needed!)
  • Durable and long lasting!
  • High quality 3.5mm (1/8 inch) neoprene!
  • Waterproof protection!
  • This cover is washable! And will stay looking like new for a long time!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We surf. We use it. You should too. 


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