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 Like so many people who are into sports I often find myself getting wet in my car while driving the same.

The problem is that if you are sitting in the car without using any cover seat solution you will experience the following problems:

Wet seat – so when you will get into the car with dry cloths, they will be eventually wet

Smell –  generated by the wet seats

Dirt – your seat will become dirty– for example with salt (if you are surfer)

My car cover seat evolution:

Towel – at the beginning I started using a towel to cover my seat. The main advantage of the towel is its easily availability (found in any home) but the disadvantages are:

  • Does not provide complete protection (if you are really wet then the towel will not be able to protect the seat entirely, some of the water will still trickle down to the seat)
  • Smell – you must take the towel out, ventilate and dry it if you don’t want bad smell

 Dedicated polyester car cover seat – when I gave up the towel I started looking for dedicated car cover seats. I bought polyester car cover seat that did a good job. It provides complete isolation, it dries fast (in the car) but has 3 main disadvantages:

  • It’s touch is not really pleasant
  • It’s not easy to fit in properly (because it’s light weight)
  • If you sit on it, it doesn’t provide complete comfort as it is torn around the headrest area

One of My polyester car seat covers:

Polyester Car Cover Seat

Dedicated Neoprene water proof cover seat – after replacing 3 polyester car cover seats from different vendors I decided to move to water proof cover seat from Neoprene.

Neoprene (the material making wetsuits) provides waterproofing, insulation, Heat resistance and dries fast.

It does not easily degrade even after lots of outdoor use. It doesn’t tear as well. So it’s the ideal material for cover seat.

My Neoprene water proof seat cover:

Neoprene water proof cover seat

Polyester vs Neoprene seat covers side by side

Polyester car cover seat vs Neoprene cover seat


Neoprene water proof cover seat is the best solution if you are looking for cover seat that will last longer and will be comfortable.

Best Neoprene Seat Cover

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